MIGHTY PALMS by Jasmina Hanjalic

The Red Cliffs Chronicles

There are many people but only one love.

We met in front of the big elevator, bumping into each other. We started laughing. He was going to have a coffee and asked me to join him, unless I was in a hurry. I said I wasn’t. In fact, I haven’t been in a hurry for years. Even though I still prefer to finish on time whatever has to be done, I’ve learned long ago that there will always be tomorrow. What I can’t accomplish today, I can always do the following day. Life is too short to be wasted on doing nothing, you may say, but I think that sometimes even this ‘nothingness’ isn’t meaningless at all.suncokret

Our friendship has deepened. There are lots of things that connect us: our interests, activities, similar jobs (I work for the municipal government and he is with the revenue agency). There is no…

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